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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last updated on 14.10.2012

How do I contact the ROAG Offices?

  • You can find our full details on the website by going to the CONTACT US page. Send us an e-mail on info@roag.co.za or give the office a call on 086 100 ROAG (7624).

When I become a ROAG Member, do I automatically become a member of Club ROAG? AND do I have to pay to belong to ROAG?

  • No, joining ROAG is a free service which allows you to make use of ROAG's event admin system (I.e. enter races in a hassle-free manner, enjoy a smooth registration process, find race info, results & photos etc.).
  • A ROAG Membership is a life-long membership that does not ever need to be renewed.
  • Club ROAG is an inexpensive, virtual club that is currently affiliated to Cycling SA, EMBA, TSA, ASA (and hopefully soon a few more governing bodies such as MSA, etc.).
  • In order to become a Club ROAG Member you need to already be a ROAG Member, as well as pay membership fees of R120 for a 2019 membership.
  • Unlike ROAG, a Club ROAG Membership runs for one calendar year.

What does it mean when an event is a Tailored ROAG Administered event?

  • When an event is a tailored ROAG Administered Event it means that we facilitate and capture all of the pre entries on behalf of the event.
  • We will also help the event organiser by marketing their event to our ROAG Members.
  • In this instance the event organiser handles their own registration process in-house.

What does it mean when an event is a Fully ROAG Administered event?

  • When an event is Fully ROAG Administered it means that ROAG manages the entire registration process on the day of the event, on top of handling the pre entries and marketing of the event.
  • As a participant of a Fully ROAG Administered Event you can expect a relatively uniform registration process, where ROAG staff and volunteers check you in (pre entries) or capture your late entry.
  • We try our best to make sure that you don't have to stand in queues, that the process is easy and straight forward, and that you get to deal with our friendly, efficient and happy staff (despite it often being 6 o'clock in the morning!). This often allows the event organiser time to rush around doing the important things they need to be doing, and allow us to get along doing the thing we do best, administration!

What is the purpose of the race sticker that I receive at registration?

  • The coloured sticker (often with a letter written on it as well) serves as proof of payment for the event that you are taking part in.
  • It also distinguishes which race you have entered and which batch you are in, which is very important for the start, finish and timing of your race.
  • Without your race sticker, you could potentially be disqualified.
  • It is also for safety purposes so that marshals can tell if you are on the correct course.

When are results posted on the website?

  • Results are always posted on the RESULTS page on a Monday morning after an event.
  • Because we rely on a few timing companies to supply us with the results, we cannot promise that they will be up at 08:00, but we do try our best to get them up as quick as possible!
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us before the Wednesday after an event if you would like to query your result. All queries can be sent to info@roag.co.za, and they are then sent on to the relevant timing company.

When are results added to my profile and my ranking updated?

  • We will upload your results to your profile and update your ranking on Monday afternoon.
  • Once again, this is dependent on when we receive the results, and what condition the results are in. We will always try our best to get them up ASAP!

What results get uploaded on to my profile?

  • Fully ROAG Administered event results will always be uploaded to your profile (because ROAG numbers are used as your race number).
  • If tailored ROAG Administered events send us results with ROAG numbers in them, we will also use them.
  • However, if we receive results without ROAG numbers we unfortunately cannot guarantee that it will be uploaded to your profile.

Where can I collect my ROAG number board?

  • You will receive a ROAG number board at any ROAG administered registration.
  • Damaged or lost boards can be replaced at a cost of R50 for the MTB boards and R20 for the running boards.

Where can I find details for Event Organisers?

  • You can find all details for the Event Organiser if you click on the CALENDAR on our website.
  • You will need to select the month which the event takes place in and find the name of the event.
  • Click on the event name and the event organiser details will pop up in a separate window.

Can I enter more than one race at a time?

  • Yes, when entering an event online you can add more than one race to your 'shopping cart'.
  • When entering online, select the race you want to enter, click on ADD ENTRY (You will see the entry fee being added to your 'shopping cart') and then select another race and ADD ENTRY. It's as easy as that!

Can I enter more than one person into numerous events?

  • Yes, you can make one bulk payment for you and your family's entries - simply add your entry to your 'shopping cart' by clicking ADD ENTRY.
  • You can then change the ROAG number in the box to the next person and repeat (tip: there are a little set of binoculars there in case you don't know your friend's ROAG number). Once you have added everyone you would like to enter, click CHECKOUT and follow instructions for payment.

What is the situation with event timing and timing chips?

  • There is currently a lot of activity going on in the timing industry - ROAG has just introduced a new timing system, and existing timing companies are currently upgrading their systems, and therefore their timing chips.
  • This has unfortunately resulted in a bit of confusion and frustration with many riders.
  • On a positive note, it means that next year there should be a few really great timing systems out there, using one specific chip each.
  • Next year, we hope that the dust will have settled, and that we will be able to constantly inform people that timing company X will be timing the event, and exactly which timing chip will be used.
  • Please bear in mind that behind the scenes we at ROAG are always trying our best to make your life as hassle-free as possible, and are continuously implementing new solutions where possible.

Why do all late entries go in to the last batch (MTB related)?

  • On race day the number of late entries can range from 10 riders to 400, depending on various factors such as the weather.
  • If we batched the late entries every batch would be a completely different size, in some instances negatively effecting riders (some batches would then be more prone to bottle-necking than others).
  • We also wouldn't be able to know how many batches to create because we wouldn't know how many riders to expect.

How is my ranking worked out?

  • We are currently upgrading our seeding system in order to make it that much more accurate, and hope that it will be ready by the end of the year.
  • In the mean time, however, your ranking is worked out using a mathematical formula. The seeding ranges from 1 (being the highest) and 5 (being the lowest). Riders with a ranking of 5 are first time ROAG members who have not yet done a race with ROAG.
  • In a nutshell, the system uses an average of your best 3 race seedings over the last 18 months. If you have not taken part in a race within 18 months, your ranking defaults back to 5. Your rankings are weighted lighter every 6 months.