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ROAG Reaches Out


The ROAG Reaches Out page is a place where our ROAG Members can easily and conveniently donate towards our chosen charities! We are so proud to be able to provide support and assist these amazing causes/charities.

An instrumental aspect of ROAG’s philosophy is helping others. We believe that providing support to others either through financial means or simply by giving of one’s own time is an incredibly rewarding experience, as well as providing support to disadvantaged children and adults by either food parcels or education.

You can make a donation below of R50 and / or you are able to donate when you are entering an event on the ROAG website. You simply need to scroll down when you reach the payment page and look for the heading 'Other Purchases' and then scroll down to ROAG Reaches Out and select your chosen charity.

Please see the list of our chosen charities below:




Brief Overview:

Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!”, is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide low cost, high impact Health and Early Education through empowerment programmes to economically disadvantaged communities, particularly in rural areas of KwaZulu Natal. This is done through:

  • Education and assistance for Care Givers at disadvantaged crèches to implement a sustainable Early Childhood Development programme focussing on the critical developmental years (0-5), using educational resources made from recycling.
  • Running “Waste 2 Toys Workshops” in areas where access to resources is limited to teach educators to make their own toys and teaching aids using recycling.
  • An HIV intervention programme based on a Peer Education model for rural workers, particularly in the Agricultural and Forestry sectors.
  • Mobile Clinic services providing Primary Health Care and counselling for rural workers and their families.

We partner together with others to work towards building our local communities, and ensuring that they have the opportunities to make better choices in life.

As we are a registered NPO, all donations are tax deductable and can be used for B-BBEE purposes.

Find us on:

www.singakwenza.org | www.facebook.com/singakwenza | www.twitter.com/@singakwenza

Contact us for any donations or enquiries:

Linda Hill | E-mail: info@singakwenza.co.za | Tel: 033 343 1650 | Cell: 082 3211 283


Brief Overview:

The Daily News Milk and Welfare Fund is 77 years old and collects cash donations from members of the public and various companies, which is used to supply and distribute milk powder and high energy porridge to needy crèches in KZN.

Currently the Fund supports 92 crèches, pre-schools and welfare organisations across KZN. In total 13 400 children under the age of 6 years old receive at least one glass of milk and a bowl of energy porridge per school day, which equates to 260 000 servings a month.

Over and above the full cream milk powder we supply schools every 2 months, the Fund also purchases a highly nutritious porridge Future Life which boosts the immune system of the children and provides a nutritious meal.

The fund is administered and is located at Independent Newspapers KwaZulu Natal (the owners of the Daily News newspaper). Independent Newspapers administers the fund and has allocated an office for the Fund for which the Fund is not charged at all. The Milk Fund does not get any financial support whatsoever from Independent Newspapers and all revenue is generated by donations.

Find us on:

www.facebook.com/DailyNewsMilkFund |www.backabuddy.co.za/charity/profile/thedailynewsmilkandwelfarefund

Contact us for any donation:

Andrew Taylor | Email: andrew.taylor@inl.co.za | Tel: 031 308 2588

Funds are collected by means of registered volunteers who give up their time to collect money from various communities in Durban, and collection boxes are kept at various organisations. The Fund also receives monthly donations from the readers of the Daily News and the newspaper regularly features the activities of the Fund with the aim of soliciting donations.



Brief Overview:

CANSA’s purpose is leading the fight against cancer in South Africa through enabling research, educating the public and providing support to all people affected by cancer. Extensive cancer research is used to realign health programs and strengthen their ‘watchdog’ role.  Education about early detection is emphasised, to enable more effective treatment and better chance of recovery. Lifestyle Risk Assessments and Screening Tests for breast, cervical and prostate cancers are available at CANSA Care Centres throughout the country and from mobile clinics.

Counseling for cancer victims, long-term survivors and their loved ones are organised into active Support Groups (both community based and online) for insight, emotional support and understanding, hope and inspiration, as well as bereavement support when necessary. Home-based care, a collaboration between professional CANSA staff and the community, focuses on appropriate care and comfort, access to health and support facilities, volunteers and the participation of family members. CANSA also supports patients by lending or helping them to obtain assistive devices & equipment to help them cope with cancer treatment and after surgery.

Be active and healthy – have some Feel Good Fun, while raising awareness and funds for CANSA and the fight against cancer in SA. CANSA staff & volunteers are present at CANSA Active Events, raising awareness about living a balanced lifestyle; playing sport safely in the sun and providing free sunscreen that carries the CANSA SunSmart Seal.

Find us on:


Contact us for any queries or donations:

Email info@cansa.org.za | Toll Free Call Centre: 0800 22 66 22

Brief Overview:

"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals." - Albert Einstein

FreeMe KZN Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre exists to help in the care and rehabilitation of injured and sick wildlife. With the ever increasing human population and resultant development, indigenous wildlife throughout the world is coming under threat as a result of conflict with people in the race for space and resources to survive. South Africa is no exception. Indigenous animals are injured and orphaned as a result of human activities at an ever increasing rate. It is for this reason that our centre, FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation KZN (FreeMe KZN) was established, along with many others spread throughout South Africa. FreeMe KZN aims to rehabilitate these animals so that they may be released back into the wild, in areas free from poaching and with reduced human activity.

A volunteer from FreeMe Gauteng realised that the animals from this area were either being sent to CROW in Durban or were being handled by various individuals in their private capacity. This meant that wildlife going to CROW were driven for long periods of time before receiving treatment and were being subjected to a complete change in climate and environment. The likelihood of them ever being returned to the Midlands area was very remote. Together with Wessa (Wildlife and Environmental Society of SA), a team was set up to establish FreeMe KZN and the organisation was donated land by a local farmer and a state of the art clinic, built by a local developer, just outside Howick - an ideal location to service an area stretching from Pietermaritzburg up to the Drakensburg and from Ixopo through to Greytown. Last year FreeMe KZN handled 754 animals, including 54 antelope. 15 of these were TOPS (threatened or protected species). All of them were released back into areas designated by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife as suitable for their release.

Experienced staff have been employed to run the centre and to provide quality care, which is in the best interest of the animal, no matter how big or small. Donations will be used to fund a new bird sanctuary, as well as a new shelter for injured, sick and orphaned antelope.

Find us on:


Contact us for any queries or donations:

Roz Marais | Tel: 033 330 3036 | Fax: 086 653 9658



If you would like to know anything further or be a part of our great initiative, please email marketing@roag.co.za.


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