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Standard Bank Royal Raid

Date : 11 May 2019
Province : Other
Location : La Place du Moulin Bel Ombre
Entries Close : 16 April 2019
Starting Time : 05:00
Late Entries : No
Timed By : ROAG
ROAG Registration : Yes
Event Website : http://www.royalraid.com/english/





Start Times

Start Venue



RTN/TRAM/Pat Loisirs

Time Limit

Royal Raid 70km

18 +


Casela Bird Park / Yemen Nature Reserve

Rs 2300

Rs 3200

Rs 2070

17 hours

Royal Raid 37km

18 +


Jet Ranch

Rs 1500

Rs 2000

Rs 1350

9 hours

Royal Raid 15km (18+)

18 +


La Place du Vieux Moulin

Rs 1200

Rs 1080

5 hours

15km (Under 18)

15 - 17

Rs 1000

Rs 900

Please note: RTN discount is calculated automatically on your ID number - please ensure this is correct on your ROAG profile

Please note: Supply Medical Certificate of Fitness (Mandatory) when entering

Click here to download a Medical Certificate template

English- http://www.roag.co.za/http://http://roag.co.za/media/345654/royal%20raid%20medical%20certificate.pdfmedia/357534/royal%20raid%20medical%20certificate.pdf

French: - http://www.roag.co.za/media/357531/royal%20raid%20medical%20certificate%20fr.pdf

Shuttle Service

Shuttle available on Race Day from your hotel to race starts and back to the hotel ONLY for clients who booked their accommodation through Racing Republic.

Free Shuttle for the 15km and please see website for all details www.royalraid.com





Wednesday, 08 May

10:00 – 17:00

City Sport, Bagatelle

Friday, 10 May

10:00 – 17:00

Place du Moulin


If you downgrade (change your race from a longer distance to a shorter distance) then payment of  Rs 100 will be applied for a new bib. 

If you substitute then payment of Rs 100 for new entrant bib.

If you upgrade (change your race from a shorter distance to a longer distance) then the difference in price will be applied + Rs 100 for a new bib.

* Changes can only be made at either of the race pack days (not on the day of the race)

(times are as from):

70km: 13:00
37km: 11:00
15km: 10:00


Set-up in 2006 Royal Raid is the first trail run of the history of Mauritius!  
This fantastic event will lead you in the heart of the Island and makes you discover unforgettable tropical sceneries. 

Every year, local, international runners and hikers are all enjoying the wonderful friendship atmosphere which prevails before, all along and after the event! 



Age Limit: Minimum age limit is 18 years at 31 December 2019
Time Limit: 17 hours

The Departure of RR 70 will be at Casela Bird Park / Yemen Nature Reserve on the west coast of Mauritius on the 11th of May 2019 at 05h00 - opening of the post at 03h30 / closing of start check at 04h45. The race will go through this private nature reserve: the track is undulating with steep slopes, on a dry and quite hot ground. After Yemen the race will join Black River National Park via 4.5km of tarred road. After 700m into the Park, runners will face a major climb of 2 km in the middle of the tropical forest to reach 400 m higher, through a humid track. They will then go down before another major climb of 4 km with 600 m of positive height (Parakeet Trail) to reach Parakeet station, the highest point of the race at an altitude of 740 m.


Age Limit: Minimum age limit is 18 years at 31 December 2019
Time Limit: 09 Hours

Departure will be at Jet Ranch (Les Mares Road) on the 11th of May 2019 at 07h00 - opening of the post at 05h30 / closing of start check at 06h45. The first 9 km of the race will be on a plateau and downhill with a negative height of 500 meters. Runners will then face the major difficulty of the race: Parakeet Trail which will lead them to the highest point of the race at an altitude of 740 m.


Age Limit: Minimum age limit is 15 years at 31 December 2019
Time Limit: 05 Hours

START will be at La place du Vieux Moulin in the South on the 11th of May 2019 at 08h00 - opening of the post at 06h30 / closing of start check at 06h45. The exact start place will be in the beginning of a sugar cane track and situated at 2.7km from Tamassa on the left of the road, while driving towards Souillac. 

The first 2.1 km of the race will consist of a gradual climb in the sugar cane fields before entering the Bel Ombre Hunting Park (Nature Reserve). After 3 km runners will go uphill on 800 meters (positive difference in height of 150 meters) to reach the first “summit” of the race situated at 3.8 km on the track. Then the track will be flat for 1 km before starting a descent until the river (going across the river on the bridge-still) situated at 5.7 km (Water supply Point). The track will then go up-hill again to reach the summit of the race situated at 7 km (app. altitude 350 meters) before the descent to reach the exit of the Bel Ombre Hunting Park and the Check Point (with drinks and food supplies) situated at 9.4 km. As from this point the track will be common to Royal Raid 70 km and 37 km until the Finish at La place du Vieux Moulin.


Before 31 Jan: 50% of race entry fee less 5% admin fee
1 Feb - 20 April: 50% of race entry fee less admin fee of 5% (only on presentation of medical certificate)


For information about accommodation rates and conditions for runners and their families (including shuttle to race starts and back after finish) you can contact for: 

Tamassa - the main event’s hotel partner - LUX* Sports email: sports@luxresorts.com,  
Other events’ hotels of the south-west region, Running (Mauritius) Ltd email:  eventsip@gmail.com 
Further information regarding the accommodation and shuttle services please visit the following website:
OFFICIAL RULES of the Royal Raid
Article 1: No refund will be given to participants in case of cancellation of the race due to any natural catastrophe or any case of force majeure.
Article 2: Participants will be ranked by categories (In case of dead heat at the Finish line, the winner will be the older participant). Seniors: 18 to 49 yrs old on 1 January / Veterans: 50 yrs or more on 1 January.
The age limit has been fixed on 31st December of the previous year;
Royal Raid 70 – 20 years old,
Royal Raid 37 - 18 years Old,
Royal Raid 15 - 13 years old
Article 3: Participant will have to wear proper sports gear and running shoes for all events.
Article 4: Participants must run with the Race Number / Check Point Card which will be presented to the Organizers for tagging at all Check Points including Departure and Finish, failing this will lead to immediate disqualification.
Article 5: The participant must give back his Race Number / Check Point Card to the Organizers at the Check Point Table for security reasons and to avoid unnecessary searching:
- If he withdraw from the race
- If he is expelled from the race by the Organizing Committee or one of the doctors.
- At the Finish line
If the participant does not respect this procedure, the Organizing Committee declines any responsibility on all consequences and matters resulting from this negligence and reserves the right to refuse the participant from participating in subsequent races.

Article 6: Any Participant who has voluntarily withdrawn from the race or who has been disqualified from the race will have to leave the track path immediately.

Article 7: Each participant will have to make provision for his own refreshment supplies even if the Organizing Committee is making provision for fresh supplies at different check points. Supplies to participant outside authorized check points are not allowed.
Article 8: Participants using the help of a pace runner or being carried by car or any motorized or non motorized vehicle during the race, will be disqualified.
Article 9: Each participant must reach the Finish line at his own pace, by carefully following the markings on and along the track, within official time limits.

Official time limits for the RR70 are:

Points No. and Name

Distance from start

Time allowed

Time limit

No.7 Parking National Park




No.18 Jet Ranch




No.24 Parakeet




No.26 Watook exit B. Ombre




No.27 Finish Tamassa 





Official time limits for the RR37 are: 

Points No. and Name

Distance from start

Time allowed

Time limit

No.24 Parakeet




No.26 Watook exit B. Ombre




No.27 Finish Tamassa





Official time limits for the RR15 are: 

Points No. and Name

Dist. from start

Time allowed

Time limit


No.26 Watook exit B. Ombre




No.27 Finish Tamassa




Article 10: During the whole race the participant must at all times carry with him the following equipments:
RR70: water 1 litre, frontal lamp and a whistle.
RR37: whistle only is compulsory but 1 litre of water is strongly recommended.
RR15: 0.5 to 1litre of water is strongly recommended
The participant found not to have the compulsory equipment will be disqualified and surprise check will be made during the race.
Article 11: The Medical Team of the Organizing Committee have full and irrevocable power to decide, at any time, whether a participant is fit enough or not, to continue the race.

Article 12: Any damage to the markings, tracks, natural environment and materials installed by the Organizing Committee by a participant or any participant’s supporters (member of family, friend etc.) will result in the immediate disqualification of the participant

Article 13: Any participant threatening or insulting a member of the organization will be disqualified.
Article 14: Responsibility of the Organizing Committee will be cease for any incident occurring on the track after the passage of the “Serre File” Team closing the race or for not respecting the Rules & Regulations.
Article 15: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change or modify (for security or any other reasons) the track path and the time limits along the track, without notice.
Article 16: Any claims by a participant must be made in writing and handed to the Organizing Committee within 30 minutes of the provisional results having been posted. After a time of deliberation and consultation, the decision of the Committee is final.
Article 17: By his/her registration into the race, the participant automatically accepts to abide by all the Rules and Regulations of the race. Furthermore he gives the right to the Organizing Committee to use any photo on which the participant is seen for the promotional purposes of the race.
Article 18: No animal is allowed on the race.