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Date : 11 August 2019
Province : Other
Location : Heritage C Beach Club, Bel Ombre
Entries Close : 25 July 2019
Starting Time : 05:30
Late Entries : No
Timed By : ROAG
ROAG Registration : Yes
Event Website : https://www.heritagetrail.mu/









55km MCB Challenge Cup Trail

18 +

Rs 2000

Rs 1800

Rs 2200

21km Asics Half Marathon Trail

18 +

Rs 1400

Rs 1260

Rs 1600

10km MCB Trail

12 +

Rs 1200

Rs 1080

Rs 1400

3km Beacon Kids Fun Jog

6 - 11

Rs 600

3km Accompanying Parent

12 +


Spectator with food


Rs 600

Spectator without food



N.B: Limited entries

Please note: RTN discount is calculated automatically on your ID number - please ensure this is correct on your ROAG profile

Medical certificate is required for 55km; 21km & 10km  - Click here to download a Medical Certificate template:




Check-in Shuttle

Shuttle Leaves

Check-in Time

Start Time

Start Venue

Finish Venue


3400m D+





La Prairie

Heritage C Beach Club


750m D+





Office Racing Republic Bea Champ


350m D+





Office Racing Republic Beau Champ


0m D+





Heritage C Beach Club

Massage Services
At the end of the race there will be a massage service (20 min sessions) available for free - first come, first serve.





Thursday, 08 Aug

11:00 – 18:00

City Sport, Bagatelle

10km, 21km and 55km: race pack items and finisher Pack

Kids race of 3km: T-shirt in race pack and a finisher Medal


55km  Description

CLICK HERE TO SEE ROUTE PROFILE: https://www.heritagetrail.mu/55km

The race will start at “La Carrière de Sable” of Baie du Cap. The runners will face their first climb along a sloppy 4x4 trail leading them to the highest peak of this estate at 450 meters of altitude.  The trail runners have to be fearless to cover the first 5 km leading them to the first water point (la Boutique Theodore). 
They will then enter “Mont sur Mont Galea”and appreciate the magical atmosphere of this charming private estate, only accessible on the occasion of the Heritage Trail. Runners will reach the 2nd water point after 7 km. They will run on 4x4 tracks with some technical parts towards the 3rd water point which will be “Le Chamarel’ restaurant.

Leaving ‘Le Chamarel ‘restaurant, the runners have to be courageous to go for a 4 km climb with 550m D+ to the highest peak of the island, the Piton de la Petite Rivière-Noire at 825 m of altitude.  After a technical downhill run, the runners will reach the National Park and the 4th water point before climbing the famous PARAKEET. One of the most feared climb of the National Park with its 3.5 km climb and 700 m D +.  On top of the Parakeet, runners will be reaching the 30th km of race. They will step into the Trochetia single track passing through some streams along the way to reach the view point of Plaine Champagne and the 5th water point. At the view point, the runners will have the chance to have a splendid view over the lagoon of Tamarin. 
The runners will be rewarded for their tenacity and efforts by the breath-taking beauty of the private estates of Chamarel, namely La Vieille Cheminée, Camalia and Bon Courage and may even encounter deers and wild pigs along the way. After Bon Courage, a 4x4 track of 2 km will lead the trail runners to the Heritage Bel Ombre estate for the last climb up to Sentier Goyaves and to the last water point of the race. As from there, there will be only a few kilometres before reaching the finish line on the beach at Heritage C Beach Club, where, the pool, the sea and a 5-star Lunch Buffet awaits the runners.


CLICK HERE TO SEE ROUTE PROFILE: https://www.heritagetrail.mu/21km

The departure will be done at the Frederica office; the runners will run 200 m in the sugar cane fields before entering Frederica Reserve; they will then take the direction of the “Chassé of Dalsing” another hunting area of Heritage Bel Ombre estate. The runners will have the privilege to run in a beautiful private land with a lot of uphill’s and downhills with a mix of 4x4 tracks and single tracks where the deers and pigs may cross over to try to hide themselves in the bushes. These same tracks will then bring the runners to the “Cascade of Frederica”. Beautiful area where the river flows through a bamboo forest covered by huge trees. I encourage the runners to stop there and appreciate this beautiful scenery. The runners will then exit Dalsing to enter Sentier Goyaves and join runners from the 55 km race. From there on, the runners will follow the same tracks and difficulties and share the magnificent views of the lagoon and Heritage Bel Ombre estate. They will then go through Heritage Villas Valriche passing in front of Heritage Le Chateau before finishing on the beach at the Heritage C Beach Club.

Le départ est donné devant les bureaux de Frédérica. Les coureurs parcourront 200 m à travers les champs de cannes avant d’entrer dans la réserve de Frederica. Ils prendront ensuite la direction du chassé de Dalsing, un endroit magique où les coureurs auront le privilège de courir au cœur d’un domaine privé d’une grande beauté fort de ses sentiers vallonnés. Les participants pourront croiser la route des cerfs et des sangliers. Cette même magie les conduira ensuite jusqu’à la cascade de Frédérica où croît une petite forêt de bambous et où y coule une rivière qui ne laissera pas insensible les coureurs cinéphiles. A la sortie du chassé de Dalsing, un chemin de cannes fait le trait d’union avec Sentier Goyaves. À partir de là, les coureurs rejoindront ceux du 55 km et partageront le même parcours. Le tracé repasse par Heritage Villas Valriche, croise à nouveau Heritage Le Château avant de prendre fin sur la plage du Heritage C Beach Club.

10km MCB TRAIL Description

CLICK HERE TO SEE ROUTE PROFILE: https://www.heritagetrail.mu/10km

The runners will start at the Frederica offices, from which they will run 200 m in the sugar cane fields before entering the private land of Frederica Reserve, exclusive scenery of the 10 km with a nice steep slope which will bring the runners to a highest point at 450 m of altitude with a breath taking view on the blue lagoon and the estate of Heritage Bel Ombre. The runners will have the chance to cross the road of deers and pigs. The 10 km will be a mix of 4x4 track roads and single tracks. The Heritage Villas Valriche will precede the finishing line on the beach at the Heritage C Beach Club. 

Les coureurs s’élanceront devant les bureaux de Frédérica. Ils effectueront 200 m dans les champs de cannes avant d'entrer dans la réserve de Frédérica, théâtre unique de ce 10 km. Vallonné à souhait, avec une belle montée surplombant le lagon ainsi que le domaine Heritage Bel Ombre avec une vue à couper le souffle à 450 m d’altitude. Leur route croisera aussi celle des cerfs et des sangliers. Leurs pas composeront avec des chemins de 4x4 et des monotracés (single tracks). Les Heritage Villas Valriche précéderont l’arrivée sur la plage au Heritage C Beach Club.

3km BEACON KIDS FUN JOG Description
This race has been organised specially for the kids and also the parents who wants to join their little ones in the race. The departure will be done in front of the Heritage C Beach Club. The kids will do two laps of 1.5 km around the Heritage C Beach Club. The parents will be able to watch their kids in action and then chill by the beach or swimming pool, and enjoy a magnificent 5-star buffet at lunch time while the kids play at the kids’ corner.

Cette course fun a été conçue spécialement pour les enfants et les parents qui veulent accompagner leurs progénitures. Le départ est donné au Héritage C Beach Club. Les plus jeunes acteurs de cette manifestation feront deux boucles de 1,5 km autour du Héritage C Beach Club. Les parents accompagnant leurs enfants pourront ainsi regarder leurs petits en action. Ils pourront ensuite profiter d’un buffet 5 étoiles ; se prélasser au bord de la piscine ou sur la plage pendant que leurs enfants joueront au coin enfant.



The following is obligatory for the 55km; 21km & 10km:
- Medical certificate (uploaded on website when enter)
- 1L of water minimum
- Whistle (for 55km only)
Headlights (for 55km only)