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CIEL Ferney Trail 2019

Date : 07 September 2019
Province : Grand Port
Location : Ferney La Vallee
Entries Close : 07 August 2019
Late Entries : No
Timed By : ROAG
ROAG Registration : Yes
Event Website : https://www.ferney.mu/ciel-ferney-trail/






Reunion / Europe



Pat Loisirs


Sun Kids 4km

6 +

Rs 600

Rs 800

Rs 600

Rs 600

Rs 650

Nando’s 8km Fun Run


Rs 850

Rs 1200

Rs 640

Rs 725

Rs 925

Nando’s 10km

12 +

Rs 1050

Rs 1400

Rs 780

Rs 900

Rs 1150

Bank One 20km

16 +

Rs 1300

Rs 1600

Rs 975

Rs 1105

Rs 1425

MUA 37km

18 +

Rs 1500

Rs 2000

Rs 1125

Rs 1275

Rs 1650

Please note: RTN discount is calculated automatically on your ID number - please ensure this is correct on your ROAG profile

*Please note: Medical certificate required for the MUA 37KM





Wednesday, 4 September



You will need your ROAG number or your ID Card to collect your Race Pack. Please make sure you collect your Race Pack on that day as no collection will be allowed on the morning of the event. If you are not able to make Race Pack Day, you can make a plan for someone else to collect your Race Pack on your behalf. That person will need your ROAG number and a copy of your ID to collect your pack.

We will do our best to accommodate the t-shirt size you indicated when you registered. However, we won’t be able to guarantee availability for all. We thank you in advance for your understanding.
RACE OFFICE: Race Change OR Bib Swap

Please note no upgrades or downgrades to the 10km Race will be accepted.

If a participant has any queries or would like to do a 'Bib Swap' (Substitution) or Race Change he can notify a ROAG Representative at Race Office on the Race Pack Collection Day.

- If a participant does a bib swap (Substitution) in respect of a Race Change he will have to pay the difference between the shorter and the longer distance plus a payment of Rs 100 (cash only) for new entrant bib.
- If a participant does a bib swap (Substitution) he will have to make a payment of Rs 100 (cash only) for new entrant bib.
- If a participant downgrades (changes his race from a longer distance to a shorter distance) he will have to pay Rs 100 (cash only) for a new bib. 

Changes can only be made at the race pack collection day (not on the day of the race).


Article 1: Details of event

CIEL Ferney Trail is a set of nature trails across the estates of l’Etoile, Ferney and Le Vallon, in the East of Mauritius.
The event will be held on the Saturday 7th September 2019.

The 4 following races will be proposed:

Ø  The MUA Elite 37km

To take part to The MUA Elite 37 km race, participants must be at least 18 years old. This race forms part of the League Trail ‘long’ of “Association Rando Trail et Nature”.

Ø  The Bank One 20km,

For the Bank One 20km race, participants must be at least 16 years old. This race forms part of the League Trail ‘long’ of “Association Rando Trail et Nature”.

Ø  The Nando’s 10km,

For Nando’s 10km race, participants must be at least 12 years old. This race forms part of the League Trail ‘short’ of “Association Rando Trail et Nature”.

Ø  The Nando’s Fun Run 8km,

For Nando’s Fun Run 8km, participants must be at least 12 years old. This is not a race and participants will not be entitled to any prizes.

Ø  The Sun 4km race,

For the Sun 4km Race, young participants must be aged between 6 and 12 years old. Each child can be accompanied by a responsible party. However, the child will be the only one to be timed and to compete for the prize. Adults who wish to go for a fun walk can also participate to the Sun 4km race. They will however not be entitled to any prizes.

Registrations are open as from the 1st of April to the 7th of August 2019.

The trail is reserved to experienced persons, having a good physical condition.
Since the race is going to be held in the midst of the Nature Reserve of Ferney, the organisation team reserves the right to penalise or to disqualify any participant found guilty of pollution, degradation of the natural reserve or waste dumping along the path, as mentioned in Article 11 and 12. 

The start of each race will be given the 7th of September 2019 as follows:


Starting Zone


Duration (estimated)

MUA 37km




Bank One 20km




Nando’s 10km




Nando’s 8km Fun run




Sun 4km





The MUA 37 km race: Participants not reaching the cut-off marks at the specific times will be eliminated and redirected to the finish zone by the organisation team.

Article 2: General conditions
All participants hereby agree to comply with the regulations by virtue of their registration, and to discharge the organisers of the CIEL Ferney Trail event from their liability with regards to any incident or accident that may occur due to non-compliance to such regulations.

Article 3: Conditions for registration of competitors
Registrations must be done through a website dedicated to the trail,
www.ferneytrail.com and via a secured online payment.
Compulsory information is mentioned on the website and registration form.
Participants of the MUA 37km race must attach a medical certificate to confirm that they are physically fit to run the trail. Please note that the medical certificate is compulsory to complete the registration.

The registration will be considered as open (and not complete) as long as all documents requested are not provided together with the payment. Participants having an open registration will be automatically placed on a waiting list and complete enrolments will be treated first.

Quotas for the 12th edition (2019) are as follows. Only the 2,600 first complete enrollments will be admitted to the race.


Maximum participants

Sun 4km


Nando’s 8km Fun Run


Nando’s 10km


Bank One 20km


MUA 37km




Article 4: Categories of participants and rankings

All participants are grouped into one of the Men and Women age categories as listed in the table below.

The age on 31 December 2019 determines the participant’s category.
In addition to the overall ranking, still so-called men and women “Scratch”, The Ferney Trail has the following ranking.






Sun 4km

Nando's 10km

Bank One 20km

MUA 37km








Super Poussin











































Veteran 1





Veteran 2





Veteran 3





Veteran 4





Rewards will be given to the podium ‘scratch’ for each race and the first three men and women, or boys and girls of each category.

Minors must provide a parental authorisation.

Article 5: Equipment provided by the organisation

A race tee-shirt
An electronic chip (for the races which are timed)
A race bib
The participants crossing the finish line will be given:
A.  A gift
B. A meal

Prohibited equipment: ski-types (i.e. any ski pole-fitted with a metal tip) are strictly forbidden.

Article 6: Check at the race start

Upon registration at the race start, participants must willingly show their bib fastened in front at waist height. It is compulsory for all participants of all four races to have their electronic chip supplied to them.

Article 7: Dropping out

In case of dropping out of any of all four races, participants must inform the Officer in charge located at the closest checkpoint and hand him both his bib and electronic chip. Failing to do so, the organisation cannot be held responsible for any consequence arising therefrom to any such participant. In addition, the organisation reserves the right not to register any such participant for future editions.

Article 8: Medical assistance

A multidisciplinary medical team set up by the organisation will be present on the site throughout the duration of the races. Members of this team will provide medical assistance to participants at each first-aid station, set up along the different trails. They will also promptly notify the Race Manager or his Assistant of the inability of a participant to continue a race, if need be. The final decision in this regard will however belong to the organiser.

Article 9: Insurance

Ferney Trail Ltd subscribes, for the duration of the event, a Civil Liability insurance covering third parties and participants only in case of damage caused to them due to failure by the organiser. You are strongly advised as well to subscribe to an individual insurance.

The organisation disclaims any responsibility in case of dropping out, disqualification for late check-in, medical decision or decision made by the Race Manager, thereby preventing any participant from running any of the races.

Article 10: Refreshment points

Although this race is based on a food self-sufficiency principle, checkpoints are supplied with marathon-type food and drinks throughout the trails.
These refreshment points are located at the following key places:

Article 11: Penalty

One-hour penalty:
a) if the race number is not visible.
b) if non-authorised assistance is provided to a participant outside a refreshment post (via a “water carrier” or even a pacemaker).

Article 12: Disqualification

1.        No show at checkpoint.

2.        Failure to wear race bib.

3.        Check-in outside the cut-off times as mentioned on the race profiles.

4.        Use of a means of transport during the race

5.        Doping or refusal to undergo the doping control.

6.        Non-assistance to participant in danger.

7.        Pollution and deterioration of the sites by the participants/waste dumping along the path.

8.        Insulting, threatening or striking any Control Officer or members of the organisation by participants is strictly prohibited and automatically leads to disqualification from all the races. Any verbal or written position taken up before, during and after the race, of a defamatory or injurious nature, may be sanctioned by an interdiction to participate to any one of the races during one or more years, subject to nature of gravity of same, and independently from any possible judicial proceeding whatsoever.

9.        Refusal to be examined by doctors anytime throughout the race.

10.     Using shortcuts on the track.

11.     It is strictly forbidden to resell or exchange CIEL Ferney Trails bibs. Spot checks may take place during pre-race checking-in on the day of the event and, in case of infringement, any participant found wearing a bib not registered under his/her name, will immediately be disqualified from the event. 

The race management team will decide, in all regards, after having heard the participant’s version, which sanction will be taken against him or her. Such sanction may give rise to disqualification from the race.

Article 13: Anti-doping tests

Any participant may be subject to an anti-doping test during the race or upon the arrival thereof. Refusal to abide to same will lead to an immediate disqualification of any such participant. Any positive test will automatically give rise, besides disqualification and possible more severe sanctions, to formal interdictions for such participant to take part to the event the following year.

Article 14: Complaints

All objections must be in writing and lodged with the Race Director, with a caution of Rs 500 (non-refundable if the objection is not valid) within 30 minutes of the publication of provisional results.

Article 15: Trail jury

The Trail jury is composed of the following persons:

The Race Director, the Communication Manager of CIEL Group, representative of ROAG and any other member of the CIEL Ferney Trail committee. 

Article 16: Photo, TV or Video coverage and associated rights

Any participant hereby expressly renounces to any image usage right throughout the race, and also renounces to any legal proceedings in this regard against the event organizer and its authorised partners, for any use made of his/her image. All professional audio-visual service providers or professional photographs should obtain accreditation therefore from the event organiser. It is hence hereby agreed that no image, photography or video film whatsoever of the CIEL Ferney Trail 2019 event may be sold to any private partner or private TV channel by any such professionals, without prior consent from the race organiser. 

Article 17: Security and assistance to trail runners

Security and assistance to all trail runners will be provided by a network of checkpoints, signalers and sweep-runners.

Article 18: Registration fees and cancellation

Registration fees per participant are indicated on the registration form.

 In case of cancellation of registration by the participant:

Before the 7th of August 2019: A refund of 80% will be made. A request in writing for the same, duly posted (as attested by the postmark), sent together with a prepaid envelope bearing your name and address should reach the CIEL Ferney Trail Ltd, 5th floor Ebene Skies, Rue de l’Institut, Ebene in time.

As from the 7th of August 2019:  no refund for cancellation will be considered for no reason whatsoever (even injuries attested with a medical certificate or for travelling purposes.)

Any participant who cannot participate in the race will not be able to exchange or resell his/her bib. The organisation team will not be responsible of any damages sustained by the participant or by any damages that the latter could cause to the other participants.

In case of cancellation of the race by the organiser:

There shall be no refund of the registration fees in the event of the race being cancelled due to an event of force majeure (Flood, cyclone, fire, etc…).
As from the race start, no refund will be made for no reason whatsoever having led the race to be cancelled.

Article 20: Amendment of the trail

 The organisation team reserves the right to amend the trail at any time, without prior notice.

Any such change is not likely to cause a refund of their registration fees to participants.

Article 21: Closing date for applications

 Registration will close at the latest on the date indicated on the registration form or once the maximum quota of 1,100 participants on the Nando’s 10 km will be reached/ or as soon as a quota of participants for all of these races has been reached. 

Article 22: Late Start

No participant will be allowed to start the race after the sweepers have left the starting line 

Article 23: Change of race

Requests for change of race can only be done on race pack day through race office. A sum of Rs100 will be charged for all race changes and/or bib swaps.