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Hilton Charity Trail

Date : 21 September 2019
Province : Rivière Noire
Location : Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa
Entries Close : 22 August 2019
Starting Time :
Late Entries : No
Timed By : ROAG Sports Event Admin Specialists Ltd
ROAG Registration : Yes







Fun Race 5KM


Rs 600

RS 550

Ti Wolmar 10KM


Rs 700

Rs 650

Grand Wolmar 21Km*


Rs 800

Rs 750

Please note: RTN discount is calculated automatically on your ID number - please ensure this is correct on your ROAG profile

Medical certificate is required for 21Km.



Start Time

Start Venue

Finish Venue

Fun Race 5KM


Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa

Ti Wolmar 10KM


Grand Wolmar 21Km*



The Grand Wolmar is the prime race of the day which will be departed at 7:30 am.The race will start at the Hilton hotel and run toward the Sofitel Imperial for 250 mts . You will cross the road and run into the Chassé de Wolmar known as Chassé de Maroussem’.After 5 kms of running inside the Domain Wolmar you will exit the chassé  and run to the Medine sugar state sugar cane field. Finally, 11 kms to run through the sugar cane field with an elevation of 129 mts flat for many of you.Leaving the sugar cane field and race back inside the Chassé de Wolmar for 5 kms before you cross the finish line at the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa.   

BALISAGE: Balises to follow is Yellow fluorescent.


Ti Wolmar is the flat race with an elevation of 47mts. Similar starting as the grand Wolmar, which will start at the Hilton Hotel and will run toward Sofitel Imperial for 250 mts.  Then you will cross the road and enter the chasssé de Wolmar. Ti Wolmar is ran 100% inside the chassé,  10 kms of run inside this beautiful domain among the wild life before you cross the finish line at the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa.

BALISAGE: Balises to follow is Green fluorescent


The Fun race is short, quick and fun. The race will start at the Hilton hotel and run toward the Sofitel Imperial for 250 mts . You will cross the road and run into the Chassé de Wolmar known as Chassé de Maroussem’.  5 kms of race inside the domain with a elevation 33 mts.

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Wednesday, 18 September




Event Rules & Regulation  

Race pack day  

To collect your race pack, you will require your ROAG number or your ID card to collect your Race Pack. Kindly ensure you collect your Race Pack on the mention day as no collection will be allowed on the morning of the event. 

You can also arrange to have someone collect your race pack if you are not able to make Race Pack Day. The person will need your ROAG number and a copy of your ID to collect your pack. 


We will do our best to accommodate the t-shirt size you indicated on your registration. However, we won’t be able 

to guarantee availability for all. We thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Race Change OR Bib Swap / Late Entries: 

Please note no upgrades or downgrades to the 10km Race will be accepted. 

 - If a participant does a bib swap (Substitution) in respect of a Race Change he will have to pay the difference between the shorter and the longer distance plus a payment of Rs 100 (cash only) for new entrant bib. 

- If a participant does a bib swap (Substitution) he will have to make a payment of Rs 100 (cash only) for new entrant bib. 

- If a participant downgrades (changes his race from a longer distance to a shorter distance) he will have to pay Rs 100 (cash only) for a new bib.  

 Late Entries: 

All late entries participants will have to pay the different of Rs 100 (cash only) for the entrant bib. 

Note: Changes can only be made at the race pack collection day (not on the day of the race). 

General Information:  

All participants hereby agree to comply with the regulations by virtue of their registration, and to discharge the organisers of the Hilton Charity trail from their liability with regards to any incident or accident that may occur due to non-compliance to such regulations. 

Conditions for registration of competitors​

Registrations must be done through a website dedicated to the trail, www.roag.org  and via a secured online payment.​Compulsory information is mentioned on the website and registration form.​

All participants of the 21 km race must attach a medical certificate to confirm that they are physically fit to run the trail. Please note that the medical certificate is compulsory to complete the registration. 

The registration will be considered as open (and not complete) as long as all documents requested are not provided together with the payment. Participants having an open registration will be automatically placed on a waiting list and complete enrolments will be treated first. 


Rewards will be given to the podium ‘scratch’ for each race and the first three men and women, or boys and girls of each category.  Note: Minors must provide a parental authorization. 

Equipment provided: 

A race tee-shirt​

An electronic chip (for the races which are timed) ​

A race bib​

The participants crossing the finish line will be given: ​

A. A gift ​

B. Meal  

Dropping out 

In case of dropping out of any of all three races, participants must inform the Marshal in charge located at the 

closest checkpoint and hand out the race bib. Failing to do so, the organisation cannot be held responsible for any consequence arising therefrom to any such participant. In addition, the organisation reserves the right not to register any such participant for future editions. 

 Medical assistance 

A paramedic team set up by the organisation will be present on the site throughout the duration of the races. 

Members of this team will provide medical assistance to participants at each first-aid station, set up along the different trails.  

Refreshment points 

Although this race is based on a food self-sufficiency principle, there will be 3 checkpoints which will supply with marathon-type food and drinks throughout the trails.​

These refreshment points are located at the following key places: 

In case of cancellation of registration by the participant: 

 All cancellation must be done before the 22nd of August 2019: A refund of 80% will be made. A request in writing for the same, duly posted (as attested by the postmark), sent together with a prepaid envelope bearing your name and address should reach the ROAG (Sports Event Admin Specialists) Ltd | Geoffroy Road, PND Building, Bamboo in time. 

As from the 22nd of August 2019:  no refund for cancellation will be considered for no reason whatsoever (even injuries attested with a medical certificate or for travelling purposes.) 

Any participant who cannot participate in the race will not be able to exchange or resell his/her bib. The organisation team will not be responsible of any damages sustained by the participant or by any damages that the latter could cause to the other participants.