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Intaba Ridge MTB Classic

[image] 28 January 2015

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The City of Mountain Biking - Pietermaritzburg, discovered another hidden gem as the virgin trails of Intaba Ridge were revealed at the inaugural Intaba Ridge MTB Classic and Trail Runs.

Shaun Peshl blistered through the 40km course in a time of one hour, thirty-one minutes and 57 seconds to take the win ahead of a strong challenge from Warren Price and Craig Stone. Jackie Moore took a clean win of the women's race in one hour, forty-seven minutes and 41 seconds. Julia Colvin placed second ahead of Carol Reeves.

Multisporter Gareth Harrington claimed the 20km MTB race, having placed second in the 12km trail run earlier in the day. John Densham was second man home with Tracey Wood showing up the men in third place overall.

Racing was intense in the 10km MTB ride amongst the Nippers with Connor Holdsworth taking the win ahead of Ryan Wilde and Seth Price. Terri Eayrs was the first women home.

The 12km and 6km Trail Runs were treated to a spectacular African bushveld sunrise as they took off to a fresh start at 7am. Respected triathlete Donovan van Gelder paced it out with Harrington to take the win with Carl Folscher third. Top SA Junior 800m track runner Gena Lofstrand made light work of winning the 6km Trail Run.

Proceeds raised from the event will go towards re-introducing Oribi to Intaba Ridge through the Endangered Wildlife Trust. This indicator species was found in the area in abundance but numbers have gradually dwindled. Intaba Ridge have taken the initiative to bring them back into this beautiful area which will add huge intrinsic value to both the residents of Intaba Ridge and those who will enjoy mountain biking and running through the estate.

Mountain bikers will be excited to hear that Intaba Ridge will host a weekly 'open trail' on a Wednesday afternoon for those looking for some training in a safe, secure and scenic environment. Details to be posted on www.intabaridge.co.za

40km MTB Classic, Men overall:
S Peschl 1h31.57, W Price 1h32.26, C Stone 1h32.57. Women overall: J Moore 1h47.41, J Colvin 1h53.02, C Reeves 1h55.57. 20km MTB: Men - G Harrington 1h03.34, J Densham 1h06.25, D Wood 1h13.47. Women - T Wood 1h13.42, L Drummond 1h20.41, C Smith 1h23.33.
10km MTB: Men
- C Holdsworth 44:21, R Wilde 45:45, S Price 50:56. Women: T Eayrs 55:24.

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In view of the fact that the course is brand new, it stands to reason that the "tracks" are still a little "bumpy". (Try Drak Challenge or Sani) As the trail is being ridden on a regular basis (a group rode this wed. afternoon) The flow will soon be evident and the "soft Bums" wont hurt too much. My mates and i thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Tough! in sections, yes, but that's why we ride mountain and not road bikes.. Well done Max, Jan Man "Clearwater Trails" and the rest of the hard working team who organised the event and cut the course..

Max Cluer - Event Organizer
Hi there,

In answer to Chris's post on the event.

1. Dave, thank you for answering this.This is mountain biking and these are new tracks.We hope to improve on these each year.

2. We had 17kms of single track on the 40kms course.That's pretty good I'd say

3. As explained at the prize giving, due to the Wildebeest running over one of the sign boards we had to quickly change the route which made it 37kms with the hill finish which was our only option. This meant that ur 1st water table at 13.5kms and your 2nd water table at 27kms moved earlier on in the route but were still both in place. So not quite sure how you missed both water tables.

4. These were mentioned in the briefing and were put in place as a safety precaution to slow riders down before coming to a road crossing.

5.The 10kms and 20kms both took place in the Estate. In order to get the distance we needed to take the ride out of the Estate and onto neighbouring farms.Unfortunately #TIA THIS IS AFRICA, we have no control over closing district roads, all landowners were briefed on the event and we did our best to inform the local communities in this regard.

So Chris and Gerhard, apologies if your race did not live up to expectation.There is nothing I can do to change that.However, we would love to have you back next year to show you how the trails have evolved and will make sure we create and easier finish for the 40kms.So come and join us...hell, I'll even comp your entries :)

Keep the rubber side down!


What an awesome ride, the steep hill in the beginning of the 20km was a quite an energy drainer but the rest was gr8...Beautiful scenery. I will definately do it again.
Well done to the organisers.

Although it's always nice to be in the fresh air - this race has a lot of room for improvement in my opinion.

1) Less bumpy grass tracks - felt like these were just to make up distance
2) How about some single track, as opposed to slightly narrower bumpy grass tracks?
3) A watering table after the 10km mark is also something to consider, since the race is 40km long.
4) Putting the most technical camel humps in the last 2km is bound to cause injuries (as it did)
5) Less dirt roads with high speed vehicles on them. In fact NO vehicles - isn't that why we are paying to enter a race in a game reserve?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if this was my first race ever, I am pretty sure I would find another sport.

I agree with Chris. my butt is still sore! also NO waterpoints on the 40kay.