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Starke Ayres Greytown MTB Festival

[image] 28 January 2015

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5 comment(s)

Tamryn Taylor
Great event! Really enjoyed the new track (nice and fast!) but I do miss the beautiful single track we used to ride along the cliff edge... Awesome to have hot showers afterwards!

Lance Bainbridge
The best balanced, best laid out and best marked race of the year so far. The last 12 Km were magnificent.Well done to the organisers.

James G
Well organised and great markings. I did the 25km, but would request that the single track sections have some dual path sections to allow for overtaking. There was limited single track, and a bit more would be great. Also, PLEASE dont put the water point at the bottom of the descent! It would be much more useful at the top of the following ascent, where it doesnt spoil the flow

Peter Hartzer
What an incredible event, route was amazing. Single track in grasslands was highlight for me. Will DEFINITELY be back next year.
Thank you to all involved.

rob murphy
Hi guys
thanks greytown track was fantastic , free flowing,no bottle necks,a pleasure to ride,WELL DONE to all that made it possible