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aQuellé Tour de Krantz

[image] 26 February 2016

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Despite showers the night before the annual aQuelle Tour de Krantz race in Harburg on Saturday, scores of riders still showed up for the sixth race in the Quattro ROAG Series to fight for their positions.

Winning overall and holding on tightly to his number one overall male position in the Series, last year’s winner Andrew Hill fought hard to claim his victory. Hill narrowly beat Travis Walker, saying: “As we reached the first climb, I tried hard to get away from Travis. The plan worked, but as we hit the muddy single track, Trav’s XC skills came into play and he caught up. I realised I couldn’t shake him, and would have to see how the riding panned out later.”

Hill said that even after the heavy overnight rain, the event grew in stature with additional rider numbers adding to the festive excitement of the already popular event.

“The 2013 edition of the race was as precise as a race can be, but continued to embrace the German charm and hospitality with a cake sale and German brass band in attendance. The route continues to evolve from its modest beginnings to what can be considered a super classic that should not be missed,” he said, adding that the race organisers continue to cater to riders requests of additional single track, spectator views and fast-paced descents.

The racing was set up early by the pace of Leeroy Emslie, who followed by Tyron Bird (who is currently lying second in the Quattro ROAG Series), followed by Hill and Walker.

“Leeroy made a couple of hard attacks and we followed his wheel,” Hill said. “When I turned around, I saw that we had whittled the group down to a few key riders and the pace settled“

“The mud did make the going slightly slower than last year, as we had to be careful in the single track sections that were off camber,” said the TIB athlete.

The racing came to an exciting finish with the last climb being the decider for the overall result.

“I waited until the last point where I could try and break away, and it happened to be the last 1km on a muddy steep climb. I made the move, and one second separated us at the end.”

Brenda Potts, who claimed fourth place overall at the race, still held onto her number one overall women’s position in the Quattro ROAG Series. Jeannie Bomford claimed the top spot, and is currently sitting second  in the Series, while Eszter Erdelyi came second at the Tour de Krantz and is currently coming third in the Series. This makes the Series log an exciting one to watch!

The Quattro ROAG Series, a prestigious provincial mountain biking series, has nine races that run throughout the year. The series culminates at the Quattro ROAG Series Awards Dinner where the overall male and female winners will be awarded R20 000 in prize money. Category winners will also be awarded.

The next race in the Quattro ROAG Series is the prestigious Sunday Tribune Jeep Hill 2 Hill taking place from 14 – 15 September.

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