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Hypersure Toti 69er Cycle Challenge

[image] 26 February 2016

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Cycling Fever hit the Upper South Coast on Sunday, with the thrill and spectacle of over 700 cyclists taking part in the 2013 Hypersure Toti 69er Cycle Challenge.

As usual, our scenic coastal route produced some really frantic racing, with a group of some 40 riders battling it out almost to the end.  In the last 10 kilometers it was real Tour de France stuff, as a small bunch of 4 managed to break the shackles and get away on their won to duke it out to the finish line. The young legs of Luke Roberts took him through in first place, with Deno van Heerden and Peter-Lee Jefferies just about wearing the same shirt in second and third.  The sight of this frantic sprint, at 60+km/hr, had the crowd at the finish line on their feet.  But wait – there’s more.  Another group arrived a scant few seconds later, and then there were more riders pushing and shoving at over 60 km/hr.  What a sight!

Carrying on with the Tour de France theme, a group of 8 riders found out about a fresh diesel spill the hard way, and tested the texture of the tarmac at the top of the Scottburgh Hill.  Testing tarmac at 60km/hr is not a great idea, and the medics were kept busy for rest of the morning patching up the cuts and grazes.  Fortunately there were no serious injuries.  Quite a few of the riders suffered minor mechanical problems but the attentions of the Cyclesphere Rescue Rangers had them back up and running very quickly.

The 69er Funride was won by Marc Adam, from Jarod Diver and Garth Marques.  The 19 km Quickie was won by Ryan Stroberg from Reece Sclanders and Aaron Wood.

Behind the “racers” came the huge number of recreational riders in all three distances, in all shapes and sizes.  Each one of course with their own goals for the day.  Some of them just trying to make it to the finish, and some determined to beat their buddies.  Whatever the reason, they take up the challenge and have lots of fun doing it.



94 km The Full Monty                                     The 69er

  1. Luke Roberts                    2-19-13        Marc Adam                       2-00-25
  2. Deno van Heerden            2-19-15        Jarod Diver                       2-05-02
  3. Peter-lee Jefferies             2-19-15        Gareth Marques                 2-05-17
  4. Myles van Musschenbroek  2-19-16        Giovannia Rizza                 2-09-03
  5. Jarred Higgins                  2-19-27        Jason Lang                       2-11-23
  6. Werner Moolman              2-19-29        Joshua Abbott                  2-11-57
  7. Paul Kraus                        2-19-49        Candice Parker-Dennison   2-13-43
  8. Keegan Matthews              2-19-49        Ryan Keet                        2-14-55
  9. Bryan Powell                    2-19-50        Deon Pretorius                 2-15-04

10. Alan Henry                       2-19-55        Ron Marquiss                    2-17-35


19 km The Quickie

1.Ryan Stroberg               42-34

2. Reece Sclanders            44-02

3.  Aaron Wood                44-49

4.Grant Hannson              47-07

5. Dylan Botha                 52-13

6. Dale Braum                   52-23

7.Jean Dreyer                   54-23

8. Bob Wilcox                   56-13

9. Bevan Pretorius             57-16

10. Ettienne Bestbier         58-10





2 comment(s)

from start to end this event was not well planned. The parking area had no arrows directing traffic or ANY lights - hot spot for crime. The last part towards the valley turning to the carage, there were NO marksmen or controlling of traffic. You have kids under the age of 12 doing this race just to be pushed off by busses and cars. When returning to the finish line - you had to dodge your way over traffic. Traffic was NOT stopped at the signs for you cross safely. This event was told by people not to enter and now I know why... more marksmen and road closures needed.....

josh abbott
How do we get the pictures that were taken during the event,thank you for an awesome race .