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St John's DSG Bundu Bash

[image] 26 February 2016

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The annual STIHL Bundu Bash series, with St John’s DSG as the first host, got off to a cracking start at a changed venue at the picturesque setting at the Bishopstowe Hall.  With a record number of entries and near perfect weather conditions, the competitors were certainly tested to their limits with a tough course that had recently been cleared and which will improve over time with more riding that is due to take place in the area.

Unfortunately, being in a really beautiful setting such as this, there are bound to be lots of hills, but what goes up must come down and the majority of the cyclists really enjoyed the decent down “Inyala Mile” into the valley.

The 40km mountain bike race started off the proceedings, followed by the Chainsaw, which entailed a 5km trail run, followed by a 19km cycle.  Next off was a rather large field for the 19km mountain bike ride and then the Dustbuster, which had the biggest support with kids ranging from about 8 years old, who were required to run 2,5km and cycle 10km.  The 5km Trail run and 5km Amble followed these events and everyone really seemed to enjoy the fantastic scenery of the area.  Last off was a huge field of very enthusiastic youngsters up to the age of 10 years who competed in the Bundu Buddies event, where they were required to run about 1km and cycle about 2,5km.

Plans for next year’s event are already under way, where a far easier course for the Dustbuster and 19km mountain bike ride have been identified and we look forward to growing the event in the years to come.

A huge thank you to the Bishopstowe Club committee for allowing us the use of the venue, as well as supplying the athletes and spectators with a wide range of food and drinks that were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  Once again, STIHL as title sponsors of the series really came to the party and their continued support is greatly appreciated as is the support of all the sub sponsors, without which the event couldn’t take place.

The next event in the series takes place at Treverton on 17th August and we hope to see you there as well.

2 comment(s)

The cycling course was way too difficult for a biatholon. The 10km course is usually for the beginner and that course was seriously tough for beginners. Thank goodness the 19km course was only 15,5km, could not have handeled anymore km. Being a family fun day event, this was not fun and we have done many of these types of events. Did not meet one person who was positive about the course. I have put fair as to the severity of the course but only because i could not leave off an answer. The course was way too hilly and dangerous downhills, more like a hike.

Brad Fenn
The Chainsaw MTB course was relentless with a large part of it spent climbing! BUT what a great test of strength, courage and Vasbyt! Tough but enjoyable!