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MTB & TRAIL | PEHR Burry Stander MTB & Trail Run Sardine Festival

[image] 03 July 2017

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The trail run and MTB courses were both very well marked, very scenic and enjoyable.

What tainted the event is the mismatch in the starting times advertised and confirmed by ROAG, and the actual trail run start times on the day. ROAG stated the 5 km to start at 6:30 and the 12 km to start at 7:00. On the day, the 12 km started at 6.35 (a few minutes late) and the 5 km started at 6.45. Also, only the times of the first 5 over the finish line was recorded, so the other contestants basically did not have their finish times.

Regarding the MTB race, the markings and points people were excellent to show the course. It was a good challenge with a long climb for the first half of the race and a fast descent.