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MTB & TRAIL | South Coast Fever Series #3 Ingeli

[image] 16 August 2018

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3 comment(s)

John Bainbridge
Sad they have removed 99% of the single track. we used to drive out for that. now sadly lost that charm. but still fun event.

Was a bit disappointed and so were the others that I had convinced to do the ride. I had raved about the single track etc and not sure if I had imaged that there was but after this ride it's mostly district road.
It was also quite a poor turnout I thought.
Sadly I don't think I'll do it again. There are others that have much more single track etc.
Track marking at one place as very bad.
Event and everything else is absolutely awesome.
Please try get that single track back in.

Russell Knight
Ingeli has some fantastic single track that was entirely excluded from the course. I won't enter this race next year unless there is confirmation of at least 5km of single track inclusion in the course. Gravel road riding is boring.